Future wanted to uncover the true power of passionate audiences. What is a passion? How is a passion different from a hobby or interest? How does a passion influence how a person consumes media and ultimately, spends? Why are passionate audiences so influential? Read on to see what we discovered.


Passions aren't niche

Future connects with 490M people globally through its specialist websites, magazines, emails, events, and social channels. We found that up to 54% of Future’s audience have a passion.



Passions are essential

Passions are not a guilty pleasure. Passions are seen as part of our audience's personal DNA. They reduce spending in other areas of their life before they touch money allocated for their passion.



Passions drive spend

Globally, Future found its passionate audiences spent on average +101% more on their passion than audiences with solely an interest.


Audiences with a passion were found to be more powerful. With proven spending power, higher intent, and greater influence. These traits and behaviors were common amongst the truly passionate, regardless of their specific passion. Targeting passionate consumers offers huge rewards for brands looking to make an impact.

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In an industry-first, Future defined passionate audiences. Future understands what sets a passion apart from a hobby or interest. A passion is seen as fundamental to who you are as a human being. It’s ever-present, and stays with you for life.


Hear our research participant describe what sets her passion apart.


Passion drives purchase 

Passionate audiences spend more on what they love than those with an interest. Future's passionate audiences were seen to purchase up to 30% more than those with an interest. 


Significantly, passionate audiences will also purchase more over their entire lifetime. The average lifetime spend of the Future passionate audience versus a consumer with solely an interest was found to be an additional £58,000 spent in the UK and $180,000 more in the US.

Passions change media consumption 

Media is more more than just information and entertainment for consumers with a passion. Media consumption plays a key role in helping passionate audiences stay on top of their game and find inspiration. It also has a greater influence on where and how they invest in their passion.

Passionate people’s media consumption differs in four distinct ways

Passionate people are voracious content consumers, they view more content across all channels than those without a passion.


The ‘always-on’ nature of a passion applies to media consumption. 85% of their time spent with media is reading topics related to their passion.


Passionate people pay greater attention to content. They read in a leisure mindset, allowing them time to notice more content, including advertising.


Passionate people see a direct link between consuming content and feeling happy. Content related to their passion positively enhances their emotional wellbeing.







Advertising is welcomed by passionate audiences. Future’s passionate audience welcomed advertising 171% more than those with just an interest in a topic.

They are more receptive not only to advertising related to their passion but to all advertising in general.

Advertising was also seen to have a greater influence with the passionate community. Up to 75% of Future’s passionate audience had been inspired to make purchases thanks to advertising related to their passion.

The ability for advertisers to connect and engage with passionate, high-intent audience will become the highest priority for those marketers wanting to drive real impact with consumers


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